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August 25, 2015

Dear Diane, John, Miss Courtney & Staff,


Thank you all for such a wonderful experience with the 3 year old 2015 summer dance program!

May 10, 2015

You know, when they say "you can't choose your family"...? I think this weekend proves you actually can. It's unreal how close I feel to each and every person on our team - students and parents alike. It's amazing to be able to know there's a whole support system right behind you cheering you on every step of the way. I'm honored to teach with a greatly talented staff, the inspiration is unreal. It's not always about the scores and placement, it's about being proud of yourselves and pushing the envelope to succeed at your own personal best each and every time. To the beautiful talents on that stage repping black and yellow- Take hold of the growth you demonstrated this weekend and run with it! You showed up, you did your thing in the only style you truly know; yourselves. Seniors; you are so deeply loved and will be missed incredibly. It was a pleasure teaching you all these years and watching you shine on stage and in life. Special shoutout to Steffi, my right hand girl, my best, who I'm going to have a hard time swinging into things without you by my side every single step of the way next year. You're an amazing role model (Freudian slips and all) and friend to all of these girls!

Be proud, everyone. Be ridiculously proud!

Even though we give Miss Di "gray hairs" on the daily (her words!) she handles all the craziness that comes with the word 'competition' with such grace, it's admirable.

So much love and good vibes!
DDC is family


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